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Special Message to Foreigners / メッセージ

We aim to be number one in customer satisfaction

The process of dealing with real estate agencies in Japan can be difficult to understand even for Japanese.
This can be due to real estate agents’ business practices, difficult real estate terminology or not knowing much about the livability or safety aspects of an area one is going to live in for the first time.

Something that is difficult even for Japanese must be even more difficult and troubling for foreign residents.
I remember facing the same situation when I was overseas looking for a place to live for the first time.
I did as I was told and ended up signing the lease even though I was a little worried.
Embarrassingly enough at that time I didn’t even know enough to decide whether the agent was adding extra charges or if they were doing a reasonable job.

In the same way, looking for accommodation in a different country that they are not used to like Japan is very difficult and troubling for foreign residents.

Thus in order for foreign residents not to feel stress, I provide support to enable them to see properties that meet their requirements smoothly and in a relaxed atmosphere, enter into a contract that they understand and are satisfied with, so that they can live comfortably afterwards. I have experience providing certain embassy offices, consulates and foreign owned company executives with accommodation. So please relax and leave everything to me.

Grace Real Estate Corporation can introduce select luxury properties for foreign residents to enjoy an even more comfortable lifestyle. That includes a living environment(with, as detailed below, security, child rearing, medical treatment etc) to enable them to comfortably live life to the fullest in the Kobe, Ashiya, Nishinomiya, and central Osaka areas in our recommended western style properties that they will find especially familiar and similar to those they are accustomed to.

We have many properties not advertised according to owners’(landlords’) wishes, so please feel free to contact us.

Characteristics of the properties we can show:

  • Front desk and bilingual concierge service
  • 24 hour manned administration service for security
  • Master bedroom with enough space for a king size bed and large screen TV
  • Master bedroom with its own bathroom
  • Property with multiple bathrooms and toilets
  • Property with a party room / fitness room / lounge
  • Pets O.K.
  • SOHO(small office and home office)
  • Serviced apartment(furnished-including electrical appliances)

(Not all of following feautures are available in every properties. This will vary with each one.)

Our support services are as follows:

  • Providing a 15% discount ticket for use at participating major electrical appliance stores(for the lessee)
  • International school information
  • Support with opening a Japanese bank account and purchasing a mobile phone
  • English speaking medical institution and hair salon information
  • Arranging babysitting services
  • Import food store information
  • Introducing automobile dealers
  • Arranging house cleaning services
  • Introducing made to order curtain shop(50% discount for our customers)
  • Introducing moving companies(arranging a quotation from several companies)









  • フロントデスク、バイリンガルのコンシュルジュが居る物件
  • 24時間有人管理のセキュリティサ-ビス
  • キングサイズのベッド、大型TVの置けるほど十分広さのある主寝室
  • 専用バス、トイレのついている主寝室
  • バス、トイレが複数ある住居
  • パーティルーム、フィットネスルーム、ラウンジの施設ある物件
  • ペット飼育可能な物件
  • SOHO(スモールオフィス・ホームオフィス)
  • サービスアパートメント(家具、生活家電付き)



  • 提携している大手家電量販店の15%割引券を差し上げます。(ご契約者様に)
  • インターナショナルスクールの情報
  • 銀行口座開設、携帯電話契約のサポート
  • 英語の通じる病院、ヘアサロンの情報
  • ベビーシッターのお手配
  • 輸入食材店の情報
  • 車のディ-ラーのご紹介
  • ハウスクリーニングのお手配
  • オーダーカーテンショップのご紹介(定価の50%オフでご提供)
  • 複数の引越し業者の一括見積の手配と紹介